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Event Series ECK Wisdom on Dreams

ECK Wisdom on Dreams

Zoom - Online Event WI

Interested in Learning More about Why We Dream? Please join us for a Zoom discussion on ECK Wisdom on Dreams by Harold Klemp—Part two. The discussion will touch on the following topics and others: - Why do we dream? - Why is it important to dream? - A person who learns to dream well can […]

ECK Wisdom on Spiritual Freedom – Discussion

L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library 400 Eau Claire Street, Eau Claire

Interested in Finding True Freedom Are you everything you want to be?                                                                                                                                   You came into this life to spread your wings and live in freedom - heart, mind, and Soul! Author Harold Klemp puts the tools of spiritual freedom firmly in your grasp: • Keys to embrace the highest expression of who you really are […]

The ECK Spiritual Exercises-Make Them Your Own ~ ECK Light and Sound Service (Hybrid Event)

ECKANKAR Center of Wisconsin 6501 Watts Road, Suite 150, Madison, WI

Why do we need spiritual exercises?“The ECK Spiritual Exercises – Make Them Your Own” You are warmly invited to join us In-person* at the ECKANKAR Center of Wisconsin 6501 Watts Road, Suite 150, Madison, Wisconsin OR Via Zoom (see To Register via Zoom below). “Your spiritual exercises bring you awareness and inner guidance, help you […]