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ECK Light and Sound Service (Online Event)

Zoom - Online Event WI

The Secret Kingdom of God            “He who follows the golden arrow and crosses the mighty moat of heaven, where within the deep ravine sparkles and shimmers the strange translucent mist, enters into the secret kingdom of the holy Sugmad (God).”—The Shariyat Ki Sugmad, Books One and Two, p.4         This ECK Light and […]

An ECK Soul Adventure

Zoom - Online Event WI

Karma and Reincarnation (eBooklet discussion) You are warmly invited to join us as we explore the uplifting stories and insights found in this latest eBooklet in the ECK Soul Adventure series by Harold Klemp. Some of the benefits you will find are: Learn from the past to improve your now Move past the past Embrace […]

ECKANKAR Soul Adventure Magazine – Discussion (Online Event)

Zoom - Online Event WI

Past Lives, Present Lessons Please Join Us for a Discussion of Volume 1, Number 3 of the ECKANKAR Soul Adventure Magazine. Four times a year, this eMagazine shares adventures of divine miracles, amazing spiritual artwork, keys to raising your spiritual IQ, and techniques to consciously connect with the God Current. Many thousands of people all […]

ECK Light and Sound Service (In-person and Online)

ECKANKAR Center of Wisconsin 6501 Watts Road, Suite 150, Madison, WI

Laughter - The Music of God's Love for Soul            “This is how we work with Divine Spirit. We try to look at life and find the laughter wherever we can, whenever we can, because laughter is the healer..”—Harold Klemp, The Language of Soul, p.33 The ECK Light and Sound Service often includes readings […]