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Our Spiritual Wake-Up Calls – God’s Loving Guidance in Our Lives (In-person)

Monday, October 23 @ 6:30 pm - 7:45 pm

Our Spiritual Wake-Up Calls - God’s Loving Guidance in Our Lives

Anne Archer Butcher in her book Inner Guidance says that inner guidance always brings us to the heart of who and what we are as Soul. It may take the form of extraordinary service or it may be simple and every day, but it’s always available to all of us. She believes that this connection with God is our divine birthright because we are Soul, a spark of the Divine. Further, all we have to do is raise our awareness enough to be able to recognize the blessings and know we’re worthy of them.

All of us, no matter the blessings we’ve received, have had our share of experiences where we’ve wished we had the grace of God’s voice leading us through the minefields of life. What if you could tap into this inner guidance and know you are being led to the best experience for your spiritual unfoldment?

Harold Klemp, the best-selling author, modern prophet and spiritual leader of ECKANKAR has said “We are not trying to find truth in the form of so many words or to find wisdom as some undefined quality. What we are trying to do is to become the path of truth ourselves, so that wherever we are, we recognize the presence of God; wherever we walk, we know we walk on holy ground.” —Harold Klemp, The Drumbeat of Time, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 10, p. 211

Our spiritual journey is in large part about the transition from our head to our heart. When our attention naturally rests in love, we feel at home in ourselves and the world. We have easy access to an inner knowingness.

Following the Path of the Heart
Though we are often advised to “follow our hearts,” knowing what that is, is often the greatest challenge we can face in life. It has been said that we spend the first 20 years of life trying to be what others expect us to be, and the rest of our lives trying to find ourselves. Tuning into our true inner guidance often means separating out our delusions, emotional fantasies, fears, desires, the expectations of others we’ve accepted as our own, and our own limiting beliefs.

One of the most powerful tools of inner knowing is the ability to remain open-hearted. When the heart is open, we feel love and connection. A quality of knowingness emerges that is spontaneous and direct, and while outcomes remain important, they’re a secondary consideration to the truth of our inner knowing. Our ability and desire to set aside our own mental gymnastics and rationalizations, to let our attention rest in an open and trusting heart, allows us to become more accepting and compassionate with all people, especially ourselves. True inner guidance is a calm, centered, and detached knowingness.

What if you knew how to truly access this inner guidance? What would your life be like?
1. To know what to look for.
2. How to learn to develop and recognize your Inner Guidance?
3. How to have appropriate expectations?
4. To know the negative signs to watch for.
5. And how to look to wisdom for answers?

“If you’re Christian or Jewish or of any other faith, look to the God of your faith. Look to your savior, look to your way of spirituality, and ask, “Show me truth, God.” If you’re sincere, God’s Voice, the Holy Spirit, will begin opening you to truth.”
—Harold Klemp, ECK Wisdom on Inner Guidance, p. 9


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